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Mattress Cleaning For A Peaceful Night

We sleep on our mattresses every day which leaves dead skin, dust mites and dirt that cannot be seen with the naked eye to settle deep beneath the mattress’s surface. Mattress cleaning should therefore be done regularly to have better sleep at night as well as to improve air quality. The dust from the mattress can pollute the air in your room which is what we want to avoid. At Made4u, we provide mattress cleaning services to help give you better sleep quality. Available in KL, Selangor and all across Klang Valley.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Start from
RM120 /mattress
45 minutes
Shampoo & Extraction
Recommended Frequency:
Every 3 months
Service details
  • Upholstery conditioned for shampoo application
  • Fabric cleaner applied to upholstery
  • Upholstery brushed thoroughly to loosen dirt and stains
  • Extractor machine used to dry upholstery up to 80%

Why Mattress Cleaning is important?

air quality

Reduces the risk of allergies and itching

Prolonged lifespan of your mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking request?

Booking a service is simple with Made4u. You can make a booking request with our friendly customer service team via WhatsApp. Our team will be more than happy to assist you from there.

Our Mattress Cleaning Service utilizes a low moisture wet cleaning method to remove stains, bad odor, and germs from your mattress. Our Mattress Cleaning will clean only the upper side of a mattress. Please check out our Mattress Cleaning video for more details.

We cover single, queen and king sized mattresses. Please note that the price shown above is for a single sized mattress, feel free to contact our customer service via WhatsApp and get a quote now.

You would have to place two separate bookings for different services. We will try our best to arrange for a technician to attend to all your bookings on the same day.

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